Custom DM

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Map Waypoint Notes
Bsp Name Map Name Author Way Name Author Details
3towers Three Towers Unknown 3towers.zip -bta--monster
ac4 -[ANTI.CLAN.IV]- Unknown ac4.zip [bta].monster
aerowalk Aerowalk Unknown aerowalk.zip [bta].monster
aggressr Aggressor - Tyrann aggressr.zip [bta].monster
alk08dm Charmhood Unknown alk08dm.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
alkdm04 Evergem Unknown alkdm04.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
apdm5 Castle of Carnage Unknown apdm5.zip -bta--monster
argonaut Argonaut Unknown argonaut.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
asylum The Asylum of Remorse Unknown asylum.zip [bta].monster
auhdm1 The Forgotten [by AuhsaN] Unknown auhdm1.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
b2s .back2school. Pingu b2s.zip [bta].monster
baldm1 Horror at Red Hook Bal baldm1.zip Electro
baldm2 In the Vault Bal baldm2.zip Electro
baldm3 Tainted Meat Bal baldm3.zip Electro
baldm4 Eternal Life Bal baldm4.zip Electro
baldm5 When the Beast Prevails Bal baldm5.zip Electro
baldm7 Unknown Unknown baldm7.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster Baldm7 By -BaL- -Black-Feathered-Wings-
baldm8 Dying Embers Bal baldm8.zip Electro
becoming The Becoming Scythe becoming.zip -QuesT-
blizz2 .Blizzard 2000. Unknown blizz2.zip [bta].monster
bovine bovinE interventioN Unknown bovine.zip [bta].monster
bsdm2 TORMENTOR Unknown bsdm2.zip [bta].monster
bsdm4 HERESY Unknown bsdm4.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
bsdm7 Black Mountain Castle Unknown bsdm7.zip [bta].monster
bsdm8 TACTICAL NEUTRAL IMPACT Unknown bsdm8.zip [bta].monster
bsdm11 The Blastcave Unknown bsdm11.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
butt .Butt. Unknown butt.zip igor9
carddm1 Attack Vector - CardO carddm1.zip [bta].monster
castle01 Unknown castle01.zip -bta--monster
castles Castle Invasion - Paul Johnstone Unknown castles.zip -bta--monster
chesdm1 Primal Etchings... - cheshire chesdm1.zip [bta].monster
chesdm2 Ergonomic Aftermath - cheshire chesdm2.zip -QuesT-
chesdm3 AntiClimax - cheshire [chesdm3] http://www.planetquake.com/cheshire chesdm3.zip -QuesT-
cleaver Cleaver Love Unknown cleaver.zip [bta].monster
cmt1 Unknown cmt1.zip [bta].monster Silverdome (beta 3)
cmt3 .DeutschMaschine. Unknown cmt3.zip [bta].monster
cmt4 Andromeda Nine (cmt version) Slayer cmt4.zip [bta].monster
cmt5b .the.dreamweaver.by.qurnel. Unknown cmt5b.zip [bta].monster
conster .The Consternation. Unknown conster.zip igor9
crdm1 [Under The Influence] By =AZ Unknown crdm1.zip [bta].monster
crdm2 CRDM2 - Mechanical Tears Unknown crdm2.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
croctear Crocodile Tears Unknown croctear.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
crowdm1 Hooray for Opensource! Unknown crowdm1.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
damaul1 Oblivion DaMaul damaul1.zip Plumb
damaul2 Reign In Blood DaMaul damaul2.zip Plumb
damaul7 .The Temple of Tanktarta. DaMaul damaul7.zip [bta].monster
dapak1 Infernal Machine Dan Proietti dapak1.zip Electro
dapak2 The Lost Outpost Dennis Kaltwasser dapak2.zip Electro
dapak3 Deja Vu Dan Proietti dapak3.zip Electro
dazdm12 @ In the thick of it special edition - DaZ @ dazdm12.zip [bta].monster
dm1a Place of Two Deaths Unknown dm1a.zip igor9
dm1ex Place of Two Deaths - Modified version Ibsen dm1ex.zip igor9
dm3again the alternate base Unknown dm3again.zip [bta].monster
dm4plus The Bad Place Unknown dm4plus.zip igor9
dm5a The Cistern Unknown dm5a.zip igor9
dm7 Acrophobia Unknown dm7.zip -bta--monster
dma5 Unknown dma5.zip Dr.Shadowborg
dma6 The Ancient Place Unknown dma6.zip dr.shadowborg
dma7 Four Souls Trapped Unknown dma7.zip dr.shadowborg
DMA8 Unknown Unknown DMA8.zip Unknown
dma9 Unknown dma9.zip dr.shadowborg
dma10 Deathmatch Zone! Unknown dma10.zip dr.shadowborg
dmcloud A Copper Cloud Unknown dmcloud.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
dmfdm1 Crimson Sunset Daniel Flanagan dmfdm1.zip [bta].monster
dmfdm2 ORANGE CRUSH DANIEL FLANAGAN dmfdm2.zip [bta].monster
dokkur Cold halls Unknown dokkur.zip [bta].monster
edc By Tyrann Unknown edc.zip [bta].monster
efdm10 http://www.planetquake.com/frib/ Unknown efdm10.zip [bta].monster efdm10 .WhiteChocolateSpaceEgg. by .]Mr.FribbleS[.
efdm12 http://www.planetquake.com/frib/ Unknown efdm12.zip [bta].monster efdm12 .death by the dozen. by .]Mr.FribbleS[.
eodm3 Nighttime Cavity -clone Unknown eodm3.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
exdm3 Pandemonium Excessus exdm3.zip Quest
exdm4 The Furnace Excessus exdm4.zip Quest
exdm5 Esprit De Corpse Excessus exdm5.zip Quest
fcastle -forgotten-castle-by-QurneL- Unknown fcastle.zip CoCot; edited by bta.monster
ferrum .Ferrum. Vondur ferrum.zip [bta].monster
fmc -full-metal-contact-by-qurnel- Unknown fmc.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
frag QurneL's FraG Qurnel frag.zip Electro
fragtw16 Fragtown16 - Redmond Unknown fragtw16.zip -bta--monster
fragtwn1 Fragtown 1 - The Bronx Unknown fragtwn1.zip [bta].monster
fragtwn2 Fragtown 2 - Motor City Unknown fragtwn2.zip [bta].monster
fragtwn3 FragTown 3 - Hillsdale Unknown fragtwn3.zip [bta].monster
fragtwn4 Fragtown 4 - East La Unknown fragtwn4.zip [bta].monster
fragtwn5 FragTown 5 - Dallas Unknown fragtwn5.zip [bta].monster
fragtwn6 Fragtown 6 -Pirates Cove Unknown fragtwn6.zip [bta].monster
fragtwn7 Fragtown 7 - Chicago Unknown fragtwn7.zip -bta--monster
gendm1 by GeN Unknown gendm1.zip [bta].monster GeNDM1: Trash
gmdm1 .Exercise.One. Unknown gmdm1.zip [bta].monster
gomdm4 GomDM4 - Pretty Hate Machine Unknown gomdm4.zip [bta].monster
gomdm5 GomDM5 - Herzblut Unknown gomdm5.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
gs1dm1 Naked Beatroot - GrindSpire gs1dm1.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
gs1dm2 Solar Plexus - GrindSpire gs1dm2.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
gworld Gloomworld Eugenius gworld.zip [bta].monster
halls Halls of the White Wizard Unknown halls.zip igor9
hate Hatebreeder Qurnel hate.zip Electro
haunt The Haunted - Gilt haunt.zip -bta--monster
head-shot Head Shot - Tiddles (thanks for the help - buffy, iced, fucu, and // bain) head-shot.zip [bta].monster
ika Ika Qurnel ika.zip Electro
imp1dm6 Daedalus Revisited Unknown imp1dm6.zip [bta].monster
jaj1dm1 A Warm Place - Jaj jaj1dm1.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
jndm6 The Temple of Sun Unknown jndm6.zip [bta].monster
jrdm1 jrdm1: Ignorus Hyperborean, Junior jrdm1.zip [bta].monster
jvoxdm2 JackieBrown Jvox jvoxdm2.zip Electro
Jvoxdm3 'Donner Und Blitzen' JVOX Jvoxdm3.zip -%usO-
jvoxdm3 Donner Und Blitzen Jvox jvoxdm3.zip Quest
jvx1 GrayLiotta Jvox jvx1.zip Electro
jvx1_hr GrayLiotta hr Jvox jvx1_hr.zip Electro
kdmd In The Dark Decayed Unknown kdmd.zip btamonster
kdmf Fear For All Unknown kdmf.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
kikdm3 Unknown Unknown kikdm3.zip [bta].monster The Underworld. KIKDM3 by kickin. kickin@two-dogs.demon.co.uk - //maps/kikdm3.way
kikdm5 The Lost Palace kickin@two-dogs.demon.co.uk Unknown kikdm5.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
kikdm6 - Count Zero Interrupt - kickin. //kickin@planetquake.com kikdm6.zip [bta].monster
klzinsanity A jump into the insanity pit Killazontherun klzinsanity.zip [bta].monster
klzvob Vitriolically Obliterate - Killazontherun klzvob.zip [bta].monster
kndybase Death.Is.a.Kandy Unknown kndybase.zip igor9
kz1on1a begin waypoint dump Unknown kz1on1a.zip Unknown
kzk3dm1 World Of Discs - Kr-mZ-n- Unknown kzk3dm1.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
lacrima ---by Gilt--- Unknown lacrima.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster -Lacrima-Christi-
leaks She Has Leaks Speedy leaks.zip Electro
library library - The Library - rocketman Unknown library.zip btamonster
lilith LILITH Vondur lilith.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
madness Unknown Unknown madness.zip [bta].monster -Madness- v1.0
manson1 Manson1 KillMe manson1.zip -bta--monster
manson2 Manson2 KillMe manson2.zip [bta].monster
mchurch Metal Church tkistner mchurch.zip -bta--monster
Mcmdm04 Yellow Fever by: MCM Unknown Mcmdm04.zip -QuesT-
mcmdm04 Yellow Fever MCM mcmdm04.zip Quest
mexxdm2 HatReD 666 Unknown mexxdm2.zip -bta--monster
mgdm2 http://qw.gracz.net/morgoth Unknown mgdm2.zip [bta].monster .Armatron. by Morgoth
misdm6 -Pandemonium- MisYu misdm6.zip -bta--monster
misdm8 Piece of Gib -MisYu- misdm8.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
muny17 MunY 17, Eric Sambach muny17.zip igor9
nindm2 ASYLUM Ninja nindm2.zip [bta].monster
north -somewhere-in-the-north-by-QurneL- Unknown north.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
omf One Must Fall Qurnel omf.zip Electro
p3a [p3:a]domination . Pingu p3a.zip [bta].monster
pcastle Pingu's Castle Unknown pcastle.zip -bta--monster
persdm1 Le Jardin Unknown persdm1.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
pinion3 Bruce Lee Retinal pinion3.zip Electro
plpak1 Bite the Pain Qurnel plpak1.zip Electro
plpak2 Haunted Qurnel plpak2.zip Electro
plpak3 Hacked to Pieces Qurnel plpak3.zip Electro
plpak4 Industrial Rage Morgoth plpak4.zip Electro
plpak5 Salvage Station Qurnel plpak5.zip Electro
plpak6 C12 Niven & zXc plpak6.zip Electro
plpak7 Know Where to Run zXc plpak7.zip Electro
plpak8 Age of Gibbage MisYu plpak8.zip Electro
plpak9 Nocturna Qurnel plpak9.zip Electro
pope1 '98 Unknown pope1.zip -bta--monster BlackPope's Mountain Getaway
pope5 BlackPope's Bloody Discharge Unknown pope5.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
pope7 BlackPope's Contaminated Embryo Unknown pope7.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
q1edge The Edge Conversion Unknown q1edge.zip dr.shadowborg
Rapture1 .imminent boom. Unknown Rapture1.zip -QuesT-
rapture1 Imminent Boom Danimal rapture1.zip Quest
reinc3 Unknown Unknown reinc3.zip [bta].monster Reinc3: Dysaesthesie
reinc5 Unknown Unknown reinc5.zip [bta].monster Reinc5: SomewhereintheVast
reneq1_3 The Keep -- Renegade reneq1_3.zip -bta--monster
rewired1 Discordant Harmony GrindSpire rewired1.zip Electro
rpdm7 Halls Of Darkness Unknown rpdm7.zip -bta--monster
rpdm8 The Grim Citadel Unknown rpdm8.zip -bta--monster
safe1 Instant Impact - ziffon Unknown safe1.zip [bta].monster
safe2 Walk The Walk ziffon safe2.zip [bta].monster
skyhigh Unknown skyhigh.zip igor9
spinev2 Unknown Unknown spinev2.zip [bta].monster .spine v2.
start Introduction Unknown start.zip [bta].monster
sthdm3 Amen Ra :: Seth Unknown sthdm3.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
summer http://huizen.dds.nl/~artey Unknown summer.zip [bta].monster Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? by: Borsato
swk Sex Without a Kiss - FreshTeam [Malevola] Unknown swk.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
tbase QurneL's Tiny Base Qurnel tbase.zip Electro
territory -war-for-territory-by-QurneL- Unknown territory.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
timeless Unknown Unknown timeless.zip Unknown
tridm1 Wasted Again Headshot tridm1.zip Frika C
tridm2 H2 [clokwerk reconstruction] Retinal tridm2.zip Frika C
tridm3 Recycled [crapyard edition] Ztn & Ninja tridm3.zip Frika C
trimp Unknown Unknown trimp.zip [bta].monster Trilogy Multiplayer
trw The Raven's Waltz -by- Gilt Unknown trw.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
ukpak1 Coward's Domain Porky ukpak1.zip Electro
ultrav UltraViolence Unknown ultrav.zip -bta--monster
v2dc [VIOLENCE2: dark cello] Stargazer v2dc.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster
veddm7 Staph Infection Unknown veddm7.zip Quest
Veddm7 Staph Infection Unknown Veddm7.zip -QuesT-
wot Unknown Unknown wot.zip CocoT; edited by -bta--monster Wheel of Time Arena
xl1dm4 XL Game Over Unknown xl1dm4.zip [bta].monster
xntrick http://www.planetquake.com/xenon Unknown xntrick.zip Unknown Trick or Treat! Ways CocoT; edited by by -bta--monster
ztndm1 Smile, It Gets Worse Ztn ztndm1.zip Electro
ztndm2 Show No Mercy Ztn ztndm2.zip Electro
ztndm3 Blood Run Ztn ztndm3.zip Electro
ztndm4 The Steeler Unknown ztndm4.zip [bta].monster
ztndm5 Painkiller Ztn ztndm5.zip Electro
zxcdm1 The Shine Zxc zxcdm1.zip SSJ4-Death